Attendance, Grading and Rules

​ABSENCE/TARDY POLICY:  Excessive absences are the biggest reason for failure in this class. It is your responsibility to clear your absence, find out what you missed and to make up the work within a week of the due date. Instructor permission must be given before missing class for any voluntary in-school activities. Excessive tardies will result in detention. You will be assigned after school detention on Tuesday or Thursday for each tardy after your third.

MAKE-UP POLICY: Make-up work will be allowed for any excused absences and will be accepted until one week after the due date. After that the grade will drop by one letter grade per day. Hand drawn work can be substituted for computer assignments with my approval.

RESTROOM POLICY: You will receive six passes for the restroom that can be used as needed during the semester. Each pass may only be used once.

CHEATING POLICY: No credit will be given toward work that is not your own. Any evidence of cheating will result in a referral.

Grades are based on the success of the design and take into account the following factors:
1.Project Goals and specifications were met
2.The creativity of the solution- original idea, good concept
3.The effort spent in exploring ideas and reaching the solution.
4.Composition- organization and balance of the design and the overall quality of the work

20% CLASS PARTICIPATION- time on task, taking part in class critiques and discussions, attendance, and clean up. Students will lose 1 participation points for absences and .5 of a point for a tardy. Each truancy will result in a loss of 2 points so be sure to clear your absences.


CLASS RULES: The Be Great 8

1.Be prepared. Use the bathroom in between class. Sit in your seat at the beginning of class before the bell rings. Stay seated at the end of class until the ending bell rings.
2.Be respectful of all PEOPLE, computers, and materials. No put-downs
3.Be appropriate. Watch your classroom language and volume.
4.Be on task. No internet surfing, videos, email or computer games.*
5.Be mindful. Keep your hands and feet to yourself and place your backpacks near you so people do not trip in the isle.
6.Be clean. Don’t leave a mess! Wash your hands!
7.Be responsible. Keep food and drink in the front of the classroom, turn off and put away your electronics.**
8.Be a listener. Follow directions the first time
Hey I lied, there’s a number 9 and that’s: BE KIND!

1. Verbal warning
2. Detention- notice given to parent
3. Detention, notice given to parent and counselor
4. Detention, notice given to parent and counselor, referral, initiation of a contract
5. Dropped from class

*Students who misuse the computers will lose their computer privileges for the period.

**Students who are using electronic devices (phones, cd players,mp3 players, games) during class will lose them until the end of the day. Students who continually break this rule will have to have their parent pick up their electronic device from the Dean.