Promotional Tee Shirt Design

Posted on April 26th, 2020

For this week's challenge you are going to create a tee shirt design that promotes something--- a cause, event, trait, issue, or quality that you care about. Your design has to use both an image and text.
The artwork should be yours. You can look at source material, but please resist copying another artist's work. For example, for the tee shirt design seen above, it would be helpful to look at photographs of owls, open books, or actual books!

For the text (and yes you must have it!) come up with your own or use a quote.

Step 1:
Write down 5 things that are important to you. These can be personal, societal, environmental, educational or ? The list is very broad but the choice should be something that you relate to and care about.

Step 2:
Choose one or more of your 5 ideas and complete 2 thumbnail sketches working out your design. This step can be the most challenging. Take time to think about your choices and sketch it in enough detail to clearly define the design. Steps 1 and 2 (1pt)

Step 3: Create your final design. Make this a clean inked or colored final copy. You can use computer generated text if you like, even if you are hand drawing, by cutting it out and gluing it down. Make sure to take time on the text. It should be easy to read and consistently rendered. It should have good contrast with the background that is sits on.

1.Take the time to develop a good idea.
2. Choose something that you want to promote because you personally connect with it.
3. Don't skip steps 1&2.
4. Focus on your final design and pay attention to your craftsmanship.

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