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Posted on April 19th, 2020

For this weeks assignment you are going to design a logo for a local organization called Wild Wings. Wild Wings is a nonprofit rehabilitation center for sick and injured native birds located in San Dimas, California. They have been helping injured birds get back into the wild since 1987.

They do everything possible to return injured birds to their natural environment. A team of biologists, medical professionals, and community volunteers work in tandem to accomplish this goal. In some situations birds are too injured to survive in the wild and then they are provided with a place to live in captivity. Some select individuals have become mascots for the organization and they appear at select events to help with public outreach, fundraising and education.

They rescue all types of California birds but they specialize in raptors such as Owls and Hawks.
They currently have three owls that they use at fundraisers and educational events. The three species of owls are all native to California and they are: Barn Owl, Western Screech Owl and Great Horned Owl.

Copy and paste this web address to your browser and go to their website to learn about this organization.

This logo should have both a symbol and the words "Wild Wings" in the design.See below for more examples of logos that use both a symbol and text.

Copy and paste this web address and learn about Logo Design.

Design Steps
1. Go the the Wild Wings website and learn about the organization.

2. Go to the the Art Lessons site and learn about logo design.

3. Do 3 thumbnail sketches of logo ideas that have the words "Wild Wings" and a symbol.

4.Choose your best and create your final design using color and/or ink.

Logo Tips
1. Logos must be unique and they must be your original design . Clip art or copied  artwork are not suitable for this project.

2. Logos should be simplified and bold. A good logo should have good impact.

3. Logos should readable when they are small.

For more tips, watch the video below.

Logo Design Video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab3Sy-HnUB0

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