Catch-up Week

Posted on April 12th, 2020

Hello students!  I miss seeing you and I hope that you are coping in this challenging time.
This week there is no new project. Instead  it is catch-up week. There are quite a few students who are missing one or more assignments and I am aware that some of you are working and also that some of you might not be in the best situations to be able to focus on completing assignments. Because of this, I  have decided to make this week a time for those students to finish their work.

If you have already done all of the assignments then I would like to recommend that you spend some time outside and take some photos or do some drawings. We are all home bound, but even in our yards there are opportunities to experience nature. So that art challenge is " The wild in my yard".  If you do a drawings or take a photo please send them in and I will feature them on the blog.

Some of the finished tattoos will also be posted this week.

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