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Posted on March 16th, 2020

Thumbnail Sketches

Album Cover Design Assignment

Graphic Design Students 1&2  For this week at home your mission is to LISTEN to an album and to thoughtfully re-design the cover.

Step 1: Copy and paste this link into your browser.
Watch the 4 videos about the making of the Pink Floyd covers.

Then copy and paste this one into your browser.
Look at the top 20 album covers listed.

Step 2:  Choose an artist and album and listen to it. While you do that list 5 words that describe the feeling of the music. Listening to an album is a different experience than listening to single songs. The best albums take the listener on a thematic journey. *Write these five words on the same paper as your thumbnail sketches. (See step 3)

Step 3: Create 2 thumbnail sketches of your ideas. Be sure that your sketches are square like an album, not rectangles. Photograph them and turn them in to Google Classroom. They are worth 2 points. *Be sure to include your 5 words.

Step 4: Choose your best idea and use it for your album cover design. The cover should be all your own work and it should be different from the original. Not all album covers have the name of the artist and album on the cover, but for this I want you to include it. Your method of creating this could be by hand-drawing, painting, or collage. It could also be computer generated, or it could be both hand drawn and computer generated. Effort will be rewarded with points!  The final cover design is due this Friday 3/20/2020 by 3:00 PM. The file or photograph of your design must be turned into Google Classroom. This cover is worth 10 points.

A square format. No smaller than 8"x8" or larger then 12.375''  which is the actual size of most albums today.

Enrichment: Watch the NetFlix documentary Abstract: Season 1 Episode 6 Paula Scher : Graphic Design

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