GD2 Advertising Character Project

Posted on January 21st, 2020

Develop a character for a product or product line.

The character should relate to the product in some way. It could be through a slogan such as Tony the Tiger's "They’re Gr-r-reat!" The character could be is involved in making the product like Aunt Jemima, Milton the Toaster. The character could also be a cartoon version of the product such as California Raisin or Mr. Peanut- what the character is made of such as Pillsbury Doughboy or is run by such as the Energizer Bunny.

Step 1-Brainstorm ideas for your character. What it her/his name? How will the character relate to the product? What will the character look like? What will the advertisements have the character doing? * Hint You will do an animated advertisement using your character next.

Step 2- Draw your ideas for your characters.

Step 3-Then draw out a story board for am animated advertisement that uses your character.
Include a panel for each major action in your advertisement. Include any words and also the company name and logo. 3pts.

Step 4: Create drawings in illustrator for your animations. Copy and past them into Photoshop (or Photoshop if you want to paint) Copy and past them into Photoshop. Anything copied and pasted into Photoshop will appear on one layer. To separate drawings onto different layers, copy/paste them in separately.

Step5: Animate your advertisement . Set the timing and save it as an animated gif. Make sure that the story line is clear and that the timing is appropriate for the content. 10 pts.

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