GD2 Concert Poster Assignment

Posted on November 13th, 2019

You are going to create a concert poster for 2 bands of your choice. Include the venue and date of the concert. Look to the Art of the 1960's/ Art Nouveau period and the Psychedelic music posters of the 1960's for inspiration. warp your text in the way that they did in the posters of the 1960's

1) Learn a little about Art Nouveau by following this link:  
Art Nouveau History

2) Learn a bit about the music poster of the 1960's by following this link:
1960's Music Posters

3) Make an inspiration board that that contains 20 images of posters, photos and anything else that you might want to reference for your poster.  Create it in Photoshop * No copyrighted images or artwork can be used for this. All art must be your own. 1pt.

4) Follow these links and do one of the tutorials to learn how to warp your text. One is for Photoshop and the other is for Illustrator. 2pts
Text Wrap in a Heart Shape

Photoshop Rock Poster
5) Create 2 detailed thumbnail sketches for your poster design. Choose the best idea and design and redraw it larger. A handout will be provided with the correct proportions Give it to me to have it scanned. It must include all type and images and they should fit together in the style of the 1960’s Music Posters. (2pts)

6) Create your poster. You can choose to use either Photoshop or Illustrator exclusively or you can work with both- but all artwork must be your own and not a copy or a rip-off of someone else's. Basing your illustrations off of photographs is acceptable.  Finished size: Size 11” x 17”

Resolution if in Photoshop 150 PPI
Text: One or 2 musical artists, Concert Venue, Date and Time

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