GD1 Postcard Project

Posted on October 22nd, 2019

Postcard #1
Make a tourist postcard that has pictures of the sites and things that illustrate a city, state, country, or attraction. Use a different photo for each letter.

Use the type mask tool to create a tourist postcard for the place of your choice.

Postcard Project

Size 6"x4"
Resolution 150

1) Make your postcard Size 6"x4" with a resolution of 150. Get a variety of pictures for your postcard and save them in a folder.

2) Open a picture in Photoshop. Choose the type mask tool. Set the size of the the font and type of font that you want to use. Choose a bold thick font so that the picture that you use is visable.

3) Type one letter of the place name. Click on the pink part of the mask to position your letter, and set the font size to be as large as possible. Once you like the position of the picture then use the move tool to drag the picture onto your post card.
4) Repeat the above steps for each letter.

5) Choose type effects and a background to complete your postcard.

Postcard #2
Personal Postcard with Type Mask tool

Option 1-Make a personal postcard that expresses something about yourself. Use your name and photos of things that relate to your life/ interests.

Option 2-Choose any theme and make a postcard for it.


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