GD2 Performances using Shape and Texture

Posted on October 2nd, 2019

Performances of all types have been the subject of art. Like this painting "The Magic Circus" by
Mark Ryden
For this project you will create a design that uses only shape and color and that illustrates a performance. It can be any kind of performance that you can think of.

The first one that you make is going to use warm and cool colors. These colors will have strong contrasts when placed next to each other. The cool colors are blues, violets, and greens.
Warm colors are  red, orange, and yellow. Color contrast is a good way to establish a focal point. Avoid placing focal points near the edges of the design.

For the second one, you are going to use the same design, but you are going to replace the solid colors with textures.

Size for each one is 10"x8" 150 ppi

See the demo below.

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