GD1 Fantastic Creatures

Posted on September 18th, 2019

Project Requirements: Create new UNIQUE creatures by combining animals (excluding humans). Do not use drawings or cartoons. You want to convince us that these creatures really exist. Avoid creatures that are already part of mythology like a Unicorn or a Pegasus. Create at least 2.  The hybrid character should dominate the page. The background should not overpower the main image. You must show your work. Work with the layers merged will not be accepted.

Set up a Photoshop document 10” x 8” or 8” x 10” with a resolution of 150 dpi,RGB.

Criteria for evaluation:
1) Effort and use of the techniques that we just learned. 
2) Quality of finished project- Are they believable? Are the photos used high quality? They should not be blurry or low resolution. Are the animals in the correct positions to fit together properly? Are the animals cut out well and blended well? Has the color and darkness/lightness been adjusted? Are the proportions of the images good- not squished or stretched


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