GD1&2 Get to Know You Slideshow

Posted on August 8th, 2019

You are going to make a Keynote slideshow so that we can get to know a little about you. Start by collecting the pictures that you want to include.

I will demonstrate how to use Keynote in class.

​Slide Show Requirements: 

1) 20 slides + a final slide with a question from the information that you shared.
2) Communicate with words and pictures on each slide. Go for impact! Use large pictures and words. Use personal photos!
3) Transitions and timing set on your slideshow
4) An mp3 of a song to add to your presentation
Convert a Youtube video to MP3 here.

Slide 1 Your  photo, name and grade
Slides 2-20 Your choice from the following categories:
Slide 21- Your question.

​Possible topics: family, heritage, friends, pets, hobbies, talents, travel, interests, unique traits, experiences, hopes, fears, dreams, plans, career choice, college choice, idols, inspirational people, something you want or want to do, favorites- food, music, movies, books, TV, sports, art, video games, places, cars, club membership


1) Develop a look and use it throughout the presentation. 

2) Keep your fonts consistent and avoid overly decorative, hard to read fonts.  Bolder fonts are easier to read in a slide presentation.

3) Align type and pictures for a cleaner more organized look. 

4) Avoid using too many pictures or type per slide.

5) Make your pictures and type as large as possible.

6) Neutral backgrounds allow your pictures to be the star of the show.

7) Use words to support and explain what we are seeing. Communicate with us!

8) Include a song and time your animations to the music as much as possible.

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