GD1&2 Digital Portfolio

Posted on May 15th, 2019

Digital Portfolio

1) One title slides that includes your name and "Graphic Design Portfolio" then make title slides for each of your designs. 21 slides in all.
2) 10 of your best graphic designs
3) transitions
4) music- this one makes them much more fun to watch. convert Youtube to Mp3 HERE.

Convert all of your illustrator files to raster by dragging them into the Photoshop icon and save them as photoshop files resolution 72 ppi, or open them in illustrator and take screenshots of them. (commandl/shift/ 4)

3) Open Keynote and create a slide show by:

a. Creating slides (new) and dragging your designs onto the slides
b. Adding transitions
c. Setting your timing for your slides- (slide transition- start transition/ automatically/ 4 seconds except for animations)
d. Add music! Make sure that your song is appropriate for school. No bad language or inappropriate content. ( document then choose audio and drag in the mp3 file)

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