GD2 Art/Design Movement Project

Posted on May 7th, 2019

In this project you are going to research a notable design movement and you are going to create an informative poster in the style of the design movement. First pick your movement from the following choices. See a timeline with more examples here.

Arts and Crafts
Constructivism (Early Modern)
The International Typographic Style
Modernism (Mid Century Modernism)
Swiss Design
Post Modern Design

*These are listed pretty much in the order that they occurred in history. I have left off Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Art Nouveau,  Art Deco, and the Psychedelic movement since we have already covered those in in class.

1. Once you have chosen your movement come up and sign up for that movement. I want you each to choose a different movement so that we can all learn about them by looking at your poster. I would also like to display them on the walls. 

2. Make an inspiration board showing 20 examples of designs from the period.

3. Next, make a well designed informative poster about your chosen  movement in the style of the movement . Start with a sketch. Size 13"x19" Your poster most communicate the name of the movement, time period, and major stylistic qualities.

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