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Posted on May 7th, 2019

Your objective is to create a design for a client. You will have the experience of working to create something that is usable in the real world and that lives up to the expectations of the client. Clients can be found in the circle of people that you know fairly easily. Past students have done work for parents, teachers, friends, clubs, teams, friends, charities and youth groups. 

Here are some potential projects: Business cards, logos, newsletters, signs, invitations, brochures, CD covers, book covers, Tee shirt designs.

Working with clients is both rewarding and challenging. Some clients know exactly what they want and others will need your creative help to figure it out. Plan on showing your client at least 3 different designs that explore a variety of concepts, colors, fonts and layouts.

You will need to meet with your client at least three times. 
1st- Gather information from them. You need to know all of the required specifications such as:
- Copy (text that must be included)
- the clients ideas, likes and dislikes- colors, fonts, design  (It can be helpful to show them samples to learn their preferences)
- Size specifications 
- Deadline- when they need the work

2nd- show them 3 different versions, and make changes as needed
3rd and final- Show them the final version for approval.

Check out the web site 99Designs to get a client.

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