GD2 Indesign Magazine Layout

Posted on April 8th, 2019

Use InDesign to create a magazine spread with facing pages.

1.The spread should have at least 8 pages with facing pages
2.The spread should include a minimum of 3 articles with headings and segment pull outs of highlighted text.
3 Use a minimum of 10 photographs with captions Use at least 2 clipping paths on your photographs.
4. Use at least 5 graphic elements such as boxes, lines, boarders ect.
5. Use the 5 example ideas from the magazine pages that you were given.

Grading criteria:
1. All requirements are met.
2. Layout is unified and consistent and makes good use of C.R.A.P. principles.
3. Spacing is adjusted so that there are no awkward gaps, hard to read areas, type that is too close to photos.
4.Content and layout order is well thought out and supporting materials are appropriate. For example, photos match text content.
5.Your design is creative and uses the 5 examples that you were given from magazine pages.

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