GD1 Video Game Company Logo Design Project

Posted on April 3rd, 2019

Your task is to redo a video game companies logo. It should be different than their current logo. Select a company from this list and create two logos.
You will be following the standard logo design process that begins with a series of small thumbnail sketches to explore a variety of solutions to the design problem. Then you will choose your best 2 and you will create vector drawings of them. You will create more than one logo so that your client (the game developer) will have different options.

Step One: Choose your company and create a minimum of 6 small thumbnail sketches of UNIQUE ideas for the logo. DO NOT STEAL ANOTHER ARTISTS DESIGN OR USE CLIP ART. Make at least ONE of your drawings an OPEN design.

Each idea must include BOTH a symbol and the company name in entirety. This is very important to avoid a logo where the type looks like an afterthought. Do not stop drawing until you have at least 2 good ones. You must complete at least 6, but sometimes it takes more.
5 pts.

Step Two: Choose your 2 best ideas and redraw them if necessary on paper to clean them up. Give them to the TA to scan.

Step Three: Place and link your scanned drawing in Illustrator and create vector drawings of them. Avoid using pre-done effects.

Step Four: Turn them in on one 8" x 10" file

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