GD1 Sprite Animation

Posted on January 10th, 2019

Video game sprites are characters, blasts, or other effects that are used in video games. You will be using Photoshop's animation capabilities to create your own video game animation scene.

Here is an example of a video game character sprite sheet that has a character drawn in many different positions. When the drawings are placed together (in some cases on top of each other) they depict different actions such as running or jumping.
Assignment: Look on the internet for video game sprites and backgrounds. Use a minimum of 2 video game sprites and 1 background in an animation.

If the sprite sheet is in "Index Color" mode you will have to convert it to RBG before you will be able to work with it in Photoshop.
Steps to convert Index color to RGB color: Go to Images/ Mode/ then switch from Index to RGB.

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