GD2 Logo Design

Posted on November 1st, 2018

1) Get inspired! Go on a hunt for interesting logo design. Save your 10 favorites into a photoshop file named Last name_bestlogos." 1 point

2) Draw 10 thumbnails exploring ideas for your Graphic Design Business logo. At least 4 should be "Open" logos. Shade them in. Due at the end of the period on Wednesday 11/14. Thumbnails must have both type and symbol.
2.5 points

3) Choose your best logo redraw it as many times as it takes to refine it. Due On Tuesday 09/23
2.5 points

4) Have this final drawing  scanned and then render the image in Adobe Illustrator. Your Logo can use color but it must also read well as a black and white logo. 10 points

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