GD2 Word Pun Continued

Posted on September 4th, 2018

Now that you have completed a word pun using Adope Photoshop, you are going to create a second word pun, BUT THIS TIME you will use Adobe Illustrator to create a vector design that  uses YOUR OWN drawings. Create a good quality sketch of your image to use for a scan. All artwork and ideas must be your own. 8"x10" or 10"x8"

Pun: A play on words, usually the assignment of different meanings to similarly sounding words or phrases, with humorous intent.

Visual Pun: A drawing, cartoon, photograph, etc. depicting objects arranged so that the names of the objects or a description of their placement suggests a play on words.

Watch Dog - Fan Club -Second Hand Store - Water Closet - Strong Box - Photo Bug - Bookworm
- Loud Tie - Toothpick - Gatorade - Handcuffs - Horse radish - Fireman
- Wisdom Tooth - Mail Man - Boxing Match - Book Worm - Butterfly - Moth Ball
- Garden Hose - Horse Fly - Eye Ball - Handball - FootballWatch Dog - Fan Club - Second Hand Store-  Fruit Punch Deviled Eggs-  eggplant
Flower Bulb- Jack Frost- Dreadlock- Fire Drill
Dragon Fly- Dr. Pepper- Money Order- Star Fish
Serial Killer-  Foot ball- Siamese Fighting fish
Zebra fish- Clownfish- Dragonfish
Silver Dollar fish- I pod

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