GD1 Video Game Company Logo Design Project

Posted on April 23rd, 2018

Your task is to redo a video game companies logo. It should be different than their current logo. Select a company from this list and create two logos.
You will be following the standard logo design process that begins with a series of small thumbnail sketches to explore a variety of solutions to the design problem. Then you will choose your best 2 and you will create vector drawings of them. You will create more than one logo so that your client (the game developer) will have different options.

Step One: Choose your company and create a minimum of 6 small thumbnail sketches of UNIQUE ideas for the logo. DO NOT STEAL ANOTHER ARTISTS DESIGN OR USE CLIP ART. 

Each idea must include BOTH a symbol and the company name in entirety. This is very important to avoid a logo where the type looks like an afterthought. Do not stop drawing until you have at least 2 good ones. You must complete at least 6, but sometimes it takes more.
5 pts.

Step Two: Choose your 2 best ideas and redraw them if necessary on paper to clean them up. Give them to the TA to scan.

Step Three: Place and link your scanned drawing in Illustrator and create vector drawings of them. Avoid using pre-done effects.

Step Four: Turn them in on one 8" x 10" file

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