GD1 Book Cover Project

Posted on January 9th, 2018

Use your Surrealistic Me or Final project as the artwork for a book cover design. The cover is going to include all of the usual items that are included in book covers: author, title, publisher, reviews, UPC (bar) code, price and descriptive summary. In previous years the covers have been for autobiographical books and the self portraits used were not surreal. This year we will invent fictional plot lines for our books. And no don't worry, you won't be writing a book just a descriptive paragraph or 2 for the back of your book cover.

Size: 12”x8” Resolution 150
Spine 1”
Use your Surrealist Me portrait in the design somehow.
Include the following items:
Front cover: Artwork, title, and Author (you are the author)
Spine: Title, author and Publisher logo *Use the same font that is used for the front, but rotate them clockwise. Publisher logo
Back cover: one or more reviews, book summary also called a blurb, price, bar code, publisher.

1) All requirements are met
2) Type is laid out using the principles of: Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, and Proximity
3) Copy is edited for grammar and spelling.
4) Cover design is balanced and unified.

- Use a simple font for the blurb and make sure that is easy to read. Think CONTRAST
- Don’t make the writing for the reviews and blurb large. It will look like a book for little children- no larger than 12pts.
- Remember that the front cover is on the right side and the writing on the spine is rotated clockwise.
- Look at examples to see how the pros design book covers. There are four at the end of this post.


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