GD2 Advanced- Surrealist Magazine Advertisement

Posted on November 28th, 2017

The art movement Surrealism has influenced the advertising industry and surrealist images are often used to sell products. For this project choose a company/product and develop an advertisement that is surrealistic in nature. 

Instructions: For this project you are allowed to work with a partner if you would like. If you do you will create 2 different advertisements from the same ad campaign/product, but they can come from the same idea. 

Choose a company/product and brainstorm ideas for your surrealistic ad. You will also need to write a slogan that goes with the ad. 

Draw 3 thumbnails showing your ideas. If you have a partner do 3 each.

Choose the best idea and create the advertisement

Use Photoshop to create your advertisement. It should be a collage of images that are believably placed, so be prepared to put your skills to the test. Be sure to adjust the colors in your images so that they look unified. You are welcome to use the class cameras if you need to shoot your own photographs. Include a slogan and the company logo in your advertisement.

Operational Techniques

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