GD2 Magazine Layout

Posted on April 25th, 2014

Use Indesign to create a 4 page magazine spread. As the designer it is your job to make sure that the content is well organized and easy to understand as well as eye catching. The content of the magazine is up to you, so pick a subject that interests you!
Things to include-
1. headline and sub-headline type.
2. pictures- a minimum of 8 At least one image that you use will be cut out and it will use a type wrap.
3. articles- at least 2 (interviews or information)
4. boxes and or backgrounds. DON'T PUT PARAGRAPHS OVER TEXTURES OR PICTURES! Use even borders around your type and images and be sure to align everything.
4. unity and balance. Each page should have both unity and balance. The 2 facing pages (middle pages) should be unified and balanced when viewed together.

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