FINAL PROJECT- Illustrate a Song

Posted on May 4th, 2011

You are going to be illustrating a song through photos. You will attach lyrics (text) to each photo that you will hand in. This project will be your final and we will watch them on the final day of class.Your final is worth 10 percent of your grade. You will be showing your final photos in a slideshow setting while you play your song.

The objective of this project is to help you create conceptual photographs and to more exactly learn about composition and adding text to your photos. Sky is the limit! You can include anything that you make or photograph. I expect these projects to ROCK THE HOUSE! Which means, I expect a lot from you.

TIPS: Think about the mood of your song, thing about the meaning and photograph to depict that feeling. I really want you to figure out what the artist (the singer) is trying to convey in the song. Take a look at one of my all-time favorite photographers images (Lorna Simpson) to see how she attaches text. Have your song on a CD or iPod and ready to go when its your turn.

1. You must have at least 12 final images.
2. You must include lyrics to your photos. Find fonts that go with the feeling of your song.
3. You must hand in a contact sheet with at least 50 photos, or its a letter grade off.
4. Your song cannot have any offensive language or concepts.
5. Your song cannot exceed 4 minutes.
7.) You will hand in sketches of ideas. These must be well thought out ideas! 12 Sketches for your 12 slides. Due Wednesday 5/11 at the beginning of class!
8.) Progress check/contact sheet due on Monday 5/16
9.)FINAL DUE: Friday 5/20
10) Being an audience member on the last day of class is a percentage of your grade. ALL WORK must be completed and TURNED IN prior to the day of the final.

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