Posted on April 27th, 2011

Create a magazine advertisement that uses your Advertising Character to promote your company or product. The goal is to illustrate, explain, excite and help create the desire for a product.
Who is your target audience and how do you want to entice them? Think about how you want to portray the product.Your advertisment should catch the viewers attention, create the desire to have the product, and motivate people to actually buy the product.
1) Leaf through many examples in the magazines provided.
2) Sketch out 3 different ideas to explore the concept and layout of your ad. A slogan is often used in advertisements that have characters.
3) Design your ad.

Size: 8"x10"

Strong compelling message- It should grab the viewers attention and attempt to convince them that they want/need the product.
Thoughtful use of the character in the advertisement
Layout/composition- It should be eye-catching, unified, good contrast, alignment,and balance
Execution- Strong level of craftsmanship.

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