Self Portrait Triptych

Posted on April 13th, 2011

Love it or hate it. Its time for self portraits!

Whether it is an in-depth exploration of the artist’s own psyche or simply because as a model, the artist is clearly the cheapest and most available. Whatever the reason, nearly every artist, in every medium from painters to sculptors have attempted this exploration of self.

The purpose of this project is to share pieces of yourself with us. Some of you will feel comfortable sharing very personal glimpses of your life with us. Some of you won't. To get your creative juices flowing, you can think of self portrait in these ways: Self Portrait as Fantasy, Narrative Self Portrait, Metaphorical Self Portrait.

Three categories. You must shoot for all. You will be handing 1 final from each category.

1- You. You're are actually in the picture. Please think outside the box. Think of perspective, lighting, Photoshop manipulation, the creative juices ideas I stated above etc.

2- A Hint. We aren't actually seeing you or all of you. Think reflections, mirrors, cast shadows, body parts.

3 - A Clue. You're not in the picture at all. You're photographing something that resembles you, and idea of you, your "space", something that gives us a clue of who you are. I know it would be ridiculous for me to ask you to define yourself, because no one can. I want to know pieces of you.

1.) Contact Sheet: at least 36.
2.) One final triptych. One image from each category. This means you have to choose images that are inner connecting. They need to work together as a final work.
3.) Brainstorm ideas due Tuesday April 19th
4.) Finals and C. Sheet will be due Tuesday April 26th.

You. You might find some ideas at this site.
A Hint
A Clue
Previous student work

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