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Posted on November 30th, 2010

Movie posters catch the attention of the viewer and pulls their interest. The purpose of movie poster is to get people into the theater to see that movie. I want you to create posters that make me want to go see that movie. You are allowed to choose any movie you want, as long as the poster is appropriate in the school setting. You can work with a partner or alone. You need 4 good finals for one movie. Two if you work alone. You must include text (at least the title). NOTHING CAN BE TAKEN FROM THE INTERNET (only the Rating Symbol). At least one of your posters must follow the Z or S Design Composition.

A poster should be:
Aesthetic - It should get attention so the message is delivered.
Focused - It should focus and communicate on a single message.
Ordered - The sequence should be well-ordered and obvious.


1.) You must hand in thumbnail sketches of your ideas. They must be well thought out layouts. I must see evidence of a thought process, and decision making. I must see at least 6 sketches for 2 different movies. 3 sketches for 2 movies if you are working alone.

2.) Contact Sheet must have at least 50 photos.

3.) Partners must turn in 4 final posters (or 2 if you work alone.) As most movie posters have at different variations, so must you. They can be manipulated, or straight. They must include text. One MUST follow Z 0r S composition.

4.) Your finals must be 8"x 10"
Sketches are due: Tuesday 12/07, at the end of the period.
Progress Check: Friday 11/10 - at beginning of period. Your pictures must be taken!
Finals are due: Wednesday 11/15

Here is a good site to see movie posters: Imp Awards
Font for movie credits: Steeltongs

Below are examples of S curve and Z curve composition:
Student examples:

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