Visual Pun

Posted on August 31st, 2010

Using Adobe Illustrator, illustrate a word that contains a visual pun. Begin by exploring your ideas in thumbnail sketches. Choose your best idea and draw a clean version suitable for tracing in illustrator.

Watch Dog
Fan Club Second Hand Store WaterCloset
Strong Box Photo Bug Bookworm Loud Tie
Toothpick Gatorade Handcuffs Horseradish
Fireman Wisdom Tooth Mail Man
Boxing Match Book Worm Butterfly
Moth Ball Garden Hose Horse Fly Eye Ball
Handball Football Fruit Punch Deviled Eggs
Flower Bulb Jack Frost Dreadlock Fire Drill
Dragon Fly Dr. Pepper Money Order Star Fish
Serial Killer Foot ball Siamese Fighting fish
Paradise fish Firemouth fish Convict fish
Zebra fish Rosy Barb Tiger Barb
Clownfish Dragonfish Wolf fish Snake pipefish
Great pipefish Spiny Dogfish White Cloud fish Mountain Fish Swordtail fish
Bleeding Heart fish Blind cave fish
Silver Dollar fish Pencil Fish Penguin Fish
Scissors Tail Fish Glass Fish Armoured Catfish Jewel Fish Picked dogfish Dragonet Leaf Fish
Clown Loach Australian Rainbow Fish
Archer Fish Beacon Fish
Egyptian Mouth-breeder Mosquito Fish
Flag fish Black Widow fish Pirate fish
Toadfish Striped Squirrel fish

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